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My Chat With Emma Hardie | Exclusive Interview

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Today I am back with a special interview with the amazing Emma Hardie. I know I have been missing in action over the last couple of months, but I honestly cannot stress how busy I have been. From tradeshows to meetings, it has been manic, but I am back and I cant wait to share with you all some fab interviews I have lined up, as well as my Christmas Gift Guides (UK and US editions) - so stay tuned for that.

Anyways, getting back with todays post. I had the pleasure of interviewing legendary skincare expert Emma Hardie about her range and also her insider tips and tricks and I have to say its great. Emma not only shares her preferred techniques to combat ageing, but also her tried and tested favourite beauty products.

Keep reading to find out the latest ins and outs of skincare...

How did you get into the beauty industry?
Having endured a debilitating 12 year illness, I researched and learnt how to heal my body as well as how to tone my then sallow, hollow face. I was so empowered and excited by the results I achieved, as I had managed to boost my immune system and balance organ health and also give myself a natural face lift! With such astonishing results I decided to retrain in health and beauty, study the science of cell and tissue healing - so I could help educate others in beauty and wellbeing on a powerful, and natural level.

If you had to describe your day-to-day work in three words, what would they be?
Exhilarating, passion and love.

What is the biggest perk and thrill you get from your job?
Being able to increase confidence in people who have real skin issues, and being able to help people to not fear ageing skin through the incredible positive results they achieve by embracing my skincare system and methods of application.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to achieve a successful career like yours?
Tip 1: To be absolutely sure that your chosen career comes from your heart, and to believe in it 100%, it really has to be part of the fabric of you - only this way will you keep going when things get tough.
Tip 2: Your chosen project should be done for the love of it and not just for the money.
Tip 3: Keep your ideas simple, and stay focussed never stray from your initial idea.
Tip 4: Allow your business to grow organically; don't try to rush the process.
Tip 5: Be patient.
Tip 6: Never give up! If you feel like things aren't going your way your heart will find a way through if you are dedicated enough and passionate enough about your idea.
Tip 7: Enjoy and savour every moment!
Tip 8: Be vigilant; the devil is in the detail.

Since starting your own brand, what is the most important skincare lesson you have learned so far?
There are two big lessons I have learned: Firstly, stress and holding tension in your face and body is one of the fastest ways to unbalance the skin and organ health. When you are stressed the tension held in the fabric of the muscles constricts and blocks the flow of cell healing and regenerating signals from the brain to the cells and from cell to cell causing imbalance in cell function and skin health. So learn to meditate or practice 'mindfulness' on a daily basis. Secondly, always work in 'lines not circles' on your face. It's vital to work with the 'grain' of the skin, which is similar to the 'weave and weft' of fabric, think of a muscle fibre or collagen fibre, these are all linear structures that give your face its shape and tone. If you work in lines then you will automatically encourage the natural drainage and toning and smoothing of your face.

Can you tell my readers the importance of facial massaging and what are your top tips for doing it at home?
Daily facial massage, even if you only do it when applying or removing your products is essential for a healthy toned and vibrant skin. When cleansing its important to use a water soluble oil cleansing balm, for example our Moringa Balm, as its light emollient texture allows for a longer deeper massage before removal. Then always remove your cleanser with a microfibre cloth, and remove in a crossed hatch linear fashion. Simply support the skin with one hand in an upwards direction and remove the balm in a crossed hatched fashion with your damp cloth in a downwards motion. The microfibre cloth stimulates the skin as if you were massaging it as well as deep pore cleansing. When applying your face cream always massage into the skin in a cross hatch linea fashion to help stimulate the toning and brightening of your face.

What would you say are the top hero products from your range?
My Moringa Balm and Age Support Treatment Cream, Radiance Mask and our Age Support Eye Cream.

Apart from products from your own line, what are your other beauty staples?
It has to be Coconut Oil, Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Bronzer, Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner and all of the By Terry lipsticks.

I think of you as the cleansing queen, so tell us about the inspiration behind your iconic multi-award winning Moringa Balm?
Our Moringa Balm was the first product I created. My goal to myself was to create 'one product' for busy women that smelt addictively delicious, felt amazing to touch, felt even more amazing when applied to the skin and would simply and with no effort melt away any traces of make-up, dirt and pollution - whilst leaving the skin hydrated, super-soft, plump and bright, basically to replicate the benefits of having a facial. Moringa Extract and its oil are one of the most potent skin protecting, rejuvenating anti pollutant and cleansing ingredients available, as its rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Describe your perfect pamper essentials?
My Moringa Balm, Radiance Mask, lots of candles, essential oils and a lovely warm bath. I like to keep things simple. Oh yes and a really plumped up duvet is a must!

If any of my readers are worried about ageing, what is the best piece of advice you can give them?
I am a realist, and my first word of advice is to literally 'stop worrying' as the actual act of worrying will make you look and feel worse. You have to accept that you will age to some degree, but it can be minimised. I have dedicated my life to helping people with the effects of their ageing skin, naturally, safely, at no expense and with amazing results. My unique techniques and bio mimetic products allow my clients to feel happy and relaxed about their skin and remove the stresses and fears of ageing.

What is your all-time favourite beauty tip and why?
Massage your skin with your chosen product and buff it in with a microfibre cloth (in 'lines not circles'), as it will revolutionise your skin and facial contours. For more of my tips and to see my videos on it, check my website.

If one of my readers only has 10 minutes to get ready, which steps must a woman never leave the house without doing?
Cleanse and buff skin with a microfibre cloth, apply moisturiser and again lightly dust over with a dry microfiber cloth, as this will refine the skin even more and allow your make-up to sit well and glow, it will also give you that 'no make-up made up look', which is my personal favourite.

What can we expect from your skincare line next year?
Ooo, you will have to wait and see. But I do have the most amazing facial oil about to hit the stores soon!

Lastly, what’s next for Emma Hardie?
Well, what can I say… you will just have to watch this space! 2015 will be great!

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Emma Hardie and her wonderful team. It has been an absolute honour to interview Emma, as I am a huge fan of hers and its been wonderful to share her knowledge with you guys. I absolutely love all of the tips Emma has shared, especially her advice to budding entrepreneurs. I know with starting my company that its a lot of work, so its great to find out her thoughts on it.

If you haven't already be sure to check out the Emma Hardie Skincare range, as I honestly couldn't recommend it highly enough. Its available at Space NK, Feel Unique and QVC and also at

Lastly, let me know what you love from Emma's skincare line? I personally adore her Moringa Balm, as it gently cleanses my skin, whilst nourishing it!

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