Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Autumn TAG

Hi lovelies,
I am back today with a short post about autumn, which I have to say is my favourite time of the year. What with the beautiful crisp leaves and the cold but sunny days, autumn is a fun transitioning season that doesn't fail to disappoint.

Keep reading my autumn tag to find out my top fall picks...

Ok we're talking coffees - what is your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks, Costa or Cafe Nero etc?
I'm sure this one will be controversial, but I do not drink any hot drinks - that includes tea, coffee and hot chocolate etc. I have never been a fan of them, so I don't really go into coffee shops a lot, even for soft drinks. However, if I do venture into Starbucks I love the Caramel Cream Frappuccino, which is basically milk blended with caramel sauce and ice and then topped with whipped cream. Its super healthy, not haha.

Next up is accessories - what do you opt for, scarfs, boots or gloves?
I love scarfs, boots and gloves. I have to admit that I do not wear booties as much as I would like to, but I do love them. And I am a big gloves hoarder. Honestly, during the colder months you will find two to three pairs in my handbag at any one given time.

Then onto music - what is your favourite songs to listen to during autumn?
My music preference does not really change depending on the season, as I tend to just stick with my usual musical tastes - which can range from pop to hip hop and everything in-between.

What is your favourite perfume during this time of the year?
I own so many perfumes (probably over 30 now) that I do not have a favourite scent. I like to mix and match my perfumes depending on my mood that day. I also like to custom blend my perfumes, by combining two to make my own unique creation haha. If I had to pick one that I am wearing the most currently, it would have to be Stella by Stella McCartney. It is not autumn scented at all, as the main notes are rose and amber, however it makes a great fragrance all year round.

Which candles will you be burning this season?
I know its not Christmas yet, but I have been burning a few of my favourite cosy winter scents by Yankee Candle. My main loves are the Christmas Cookie and Merry Marshmallow. I actually bought so many last year that I still have some left over and this week I have begun burning them again, as during the summer I only like to burn fresh and floral scents.

What do you love most about autumn?
I love the weather. The chilly yet sunny days make the perfect setting for a long walk or for enjoying a day out in the countryside. I also love staying in and watching TV, whilst being all snugly and warm haha. Autumn is a great time to chill out and relax and just generally reflect on the year so far.

Favourite make-up look?
I like dark make-up during fall, as I feel you can carry a more dramatic look through the colder months. Whereas during the summer I prefer less make-up and a more dewy natural look. Currently though I have been loving soft smokey eyes with a plum or berry lip and lots of contouring and highlighting to compliment it.

What are you looking forward to most this year?
Fashion wise it has to be accessorising my outfits with scarfs. My favourites are by Alexander McQueen and Diane Von Furstenberg, I have a lot, but I love them all because they literally go with anything. I do not mind investing in pieces that will always be timeless and classic, yet still look effortlessly chic now. I also bought a beautiful black devore scarf from River Island in January that I still haven't worn yet - so that little baby needs to be worn this year. And then in regards to my life and career, I have a lot of trade shows to attend and getting things sorted and finalised for my business which launches next year. So there will be lots of busy, crazy times ahead.

Lastly ladies, what is your favourite thing about autumn? 

Leave a comment below if you've done this tag or if you're going to do it, as I would love to read your answers!

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Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Ultimate Fake Tan Guide | Be Beautifully Bronzed

I know the title of this post might be filling you with dread, as once upon a time a DIY tanning treatment at home would yield some unwanted side effects, such as orange skin, unwanted streaks, stained bedding and a weird biscuit smell. But let me tell you that doesn't have to be the case.

Fake tan formulas have now become far more sophisticated in every aspect, from guide colours to lasting-power. Simply read my tips below to reveal your inner bronzed goddess!

Firstly a run down on the different textures and the pros and cons to each...
  • Wash-off: A liquid bronzer which can often contain shimmer.
    Pros - If you mess up, you can simply wash it off and start again. You can also have instant gratification with the quick results.
    Cons - They are not long-lasting and the colour can transfer onto your clothes and bedding.
  • Gradual: A clear moisturiser with a built in tanning solution for a subtle tan.
    Pros - They are not only virtually foolproof, but they also nourish and condition your skin at the same time, which is a great multitasking product.
    Cons - Gradual tans take several applications to show a good depth of colour, which takes time, dedication and consistency.
  • Mousse: A clear or coloured solution that will quickly sink into your skin.
    Pros - They are not only quick and easy to apply, but they usually contain a guide colour, which helps you create a flawless finish.
    Cons - Mousse tanners tend to develop lighter than lotions, so at least two applications are recommended. However worst of all, mousse formulas can strip dry damaged skin.
  • Spray: A fake tan in a spray can/bottle. Simply direct the nozzle to the areas you want to bronze.
    Pros - You don't get orange hands (hooray) and they are economical, as a little goes a long way.
    Cons - It can be tricky to get even results and is most suited to experienced tanners.
  • Lotion: A dark liquid that will hydrate and nourish your skin, whilst leaving an intense colour.
    Pros - Lotions not only offer the darkest finish, but they are also quick and easy and usually give streak-free results.
    Cons - It can be messy if not applied correctly. They usually work best when applied with a mitt or gloves.
Next onto the good stuff, the application!

Firstly, preparation is key! 24 hours prior to application, begin by shaving or waxing the desired areas. Once complete, gently exfoliate your body to remove any dead skin cells (because if you don't, you will be guaranteed a streaky uneven tan). Try and pay particular attention to any dry spots, such as elbows, knees and feet, as these areas are all telltale signs of a bad tan.

Next, lightly moisturise with a lotion to help hydrate your skin. Try and use less product as normal, as you do not want to create a barrier between your skin and the tan itself.

Then when you're ready to fake tan the next day make sure your body is clean. You can even rub a wipe over your skin (especially over your chest, wrists and armpits, as it will help remove any product build-up, such as any deodorant or perfume).

Once complete, you are ready to tan. Begin by tanning your feet and work up your body. This is important, as you will not get any streaks or creases from where you have been bent over leaning. So remember, work from toe to top, instead of the usual top to toe! Buff the product into your skin in sweeping circular motions either with a thick mitt or with a pair of gloves.

Then we have the tricky parts, the face and hands. Begin by rubbing an ice cube over your entire face to help close your pores. Whilst your skin is still damp, use a face-tanning product and gently massage the product into your skin. Try and only use a small amount, as your face should be slightly lighter than the rest of your body. Then when you tan your hands, simply sweep some product onto the back of your hand and buff it in with the mitt. Repeat the process on the opposite hand and voila you are complete and ready to go!

Remember, aftercare is crucial to help boost the longevity of your colour. A tip I love and regularly use is to top up my tan daily with a gradual moisturiser. Not only am I boosting my skins moisture levels, but I am also adding a subtle glow too. However, if you need a quick colour pick-me-up, add some wash-off tan or lotion to your regular moisturiser.

Lastly, follow my five essential tips for a beautiful summer glow all year round...
  • For the best results, self-tanner should only be two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone.
  • Rub a little bit of Vaseline over your nails to help stop them getting stained.
  • Avoid tanning your hairline! Instead mix the solution with your daily face cream for a softer look.
  • Invest in a good mitt that has a waterproof barrier, as it will stop any stains forming on your hands.
  • Finally, if you get any tan on your palms, quickly wash them with sugar to gently exfoliate, whilst removing the colour build-up.

    There we have it ladies, my essential guide to the perfect tanning routine! Please leave a comment below and let me know if you prefer a real or faux tan?
Even though I personally like a natural tan, I prefer to fake it, as too much fun in the sun can cause premature aging (which I think I can safely say, nobody wants)!

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