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My Chat With Kimberley Bosso | Exclusive Interview

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So I am back with another interview. I have had a rather crazy week last week, as I not only had to meet with attorneys regarding my business and trademarks, but it was also my birthday - so there was a lot to do. However, no Monday would be complete without a good old interview. Today's is with the beautiful and ever so talented Kimberley Bosso.

Kimberley has not only glammed up a whole heap of female Hollywood celebrities, but she has also 'done up' Justin Bieber and Zac Efron (fan girl moment right there haha). Not only that but she has also opened up her own make-up academy in none other than Beverly Hills and she also has her own make-up line titled Bosso. This bombshell has a lot of strings to her bow, which is why I thought she would be perfect to interview for my blog.

Enjoy ladies ;-)

At what age did your fascination with make-up begin?
I could try and be cliché and say my passion for make-up started when I was a little girl, but the truth of the matter is, it came years after I graduated from make-up school in my twenties. What I can say is that I have always had a passion for beauty and beautiful things and even finding the beauty in what maybe people wouldn’t consider pretty like graffiti in a NYC subway even when I was five. So it’s no wonder I ended up beautifying people for a living really.

Where did you train and what was it like?
I actually trained at a popular make-up school in Los Angeles. Because I was not happy with my training, I will refrain from naming the school but it is still around. I went everyday for a month and I was so unhappy when I graduated because I truly felt like I got lost in the shuffle due to so many students in my class. I think there was around 25 and I certainly paid way too much and got very little attention. I had to just get out of there with the basics and throw myself into lots of jobs and learn by the “trial and error” method really. I’m not saying it was entirely a bad make-up education - as the school did teach me all about lighting and make-up for photography, TV and film, but three looks in one month is hardly an education. I personally feel too much theory and not enough hands-on experience is not a good way to learn.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?
The biggest highlight of my career hands-down has been creating my make-up line Bosso and having it go global so fast. I launched it in early 2014 and the products have been flying off of the shelves. My line is unique because it contains anti-aging ingredients, is cruelty-free, paraben-free and it is also dermatologist tested.

Describe the biggest perk of your job?
The biggest perk of being a make-up artist is the sky is the limit for happiness and success! There are so many entities of make-up artistry, that it is never ending. You can simply be an artist in any medium you choose, IE: news, TV, film, fashion, red carpet, celebrity, weddings, editorial etc. You can also venture off and start your own make-up line, write a beauty book, create instructional DVD’s, be a spokesperson for a major make-up brand, be a YouTube guru, make-up blogger, the list is literally endless.

Who has been your favourite celebrity to glam up and why?
This won’t be such a mainstream type of answer, but when I worked on the Janet Jackson Documentary, Janet’s brother Jackie Jackson was such a class act and a really kind man. I love working with people who are incredibly down-to-earth who happen to be famous. I mean this family is iconic, and yet so humble and nice - it was really refreshing. Of course, I love working on famous women's faces too, since it’s more intricate and creative.

You have done several of the Jersey Shore cast-mates make-up, how would you describe their go-to signature looks?

When working with the Jersey shore girls I’d describe their signature look as dark smokey eyes and bronzed skin. Some may describe it as tanned or orange, but when I worked with them (JWoww and Snooki) for both MTV Movie Award Shows I was sure to give them a more subtle bronzed look with glowing skin and soft smokey eyes - as I’m not into giving my clients the “orange” look. Sometimes some clients are so stuck in their own rut, that you have to push them a little to take some risks and try something more flattering. Although I put a beautiful nude gloss on Snooki, I later saw on the red carpet that she changed it to the “Jersey standard” bubble gum pink lipstick. You can only help someone so much haha.

If one of my followers only has 10 minutes to get ready, which steps do you think are crucial to looking groomed and gorgeous?
A fast 10 minute routine for a polished look are these essential steps: BB Cream (Bosso BB Cream is a 5 in 1 and contains anti-aging ingredients, primer, moisturiser, foundation and SPF). So a miracle cream like this is an easy way to get gorgeous and hydrated skin that’s fully protected from the nasty UV rays. Bosso Concealer is the second step (my clients rave about its creamy formula, that stays put and doesn’t sit inside fine lines and wrinkles). You just need to pat a little into the skin and it looks incredibly natural and flawless. The third step is filling in your brows with Bosso Duo Brow Powder. There are two shades in each compact to achieve the most natural groomed brow. The great thing is it’s water resistant so it stays put all day. The last thing is to add your favourite gloss to bring life to your face and then that's it, you're out the door! Every girl looks together and attractive with great looking skin and fabulous brows, so if you’re short on time, do not skip these two things.

Which are your favourite high street and high end beauty brands and what are your favourite products from them?
When it comes to make-up, I'm really not a snob when it comes to cost. If it works, it works - whether it's cheap or expensive. I've found products from Chanel that I am obsessed with and also some that I'm not so fond of. And the same goes for inexpensive brands like L'Oreal and such. With that said, my top favourite brands are: of course my own brand Bosso, because of the anti-aging ingredients formulated in them. Also the concealer and BB cream work so beautifully on the skin leaving a natural look but with ample coverage. Another top brand I adore is Chanel with their amazing D'ombre Cream Shimmer Shadows. Whoo! They are ridiculously sexy! They also came out with a sheer silky foundation that is great for people with already good skin that need a nice glow without texture. Bosso is currently working on a liquid foundation that is going to be similar. I also really love shadows from MAC and blushers from Inglot. Some drugstore brands I like are L'Oreal and Revlon. The L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in particular is amazing. And I also remember using a foundation from Revlon years ago that I really liked and enjoyed.

If you could only have three items in your pro kit, what would they be and why?
Three items in my pro kit? Easy. Bosso Brow Powder for the perfect brows, Embryolisse 24 Hour Miracle Cream and my Bosso Concealer.

What are your top tips on mastering contouring and highlighting and are there any products you recommend for it?
Top tips for contouring would be to use cream foundation for the most natural and flawless coverage. Place a light layer of foundation over your entire face in a shade that matches you, then another foundation one or two shades lighter (depending on how much drama you want) only in the center points of your face - like the t-zone area and then between the hollows of your cheeks and jawline. For the shading, choose a product two shades darker than your natural skin tone and place on the hairline, hollows of your cheeks, along your jawline and down the sides of your nose. Then remember to blend the light foundation into the dark and the dark into the light - which will give an overall blended look. A product that works well for this technique is MAC Full Coverage Foundation.

Describe your personal day-to-day beauty routine and how do you vamp it up at night?
I'm a "Mompreneur" so my everyday routine has to be quick and not time consuming. I literally get my face done in ten minutes with these steps: I slap on my moisturiser (Embryolisse) and then two layers of BB Cream in the shade Medium. I then apply concealer under my eyes in a light shade and my own Bosso HD Tinted Powder to set them. Next up is the Chanel D'ombre Shadows in Fantasme or Vision, with a MAC Tan Eyeshadow in the transition area. I then pick a Bosso Brown liner and Brow Powder to compliment and flatter my eyes and a Black Mascara with my Clear Top Coat by Bosso, so that I get zero transfer under my eyes. For Blusher and Lip Gloss, I change it up and use a variety of brands - depending on what I crave that morning. And last but not least lashes! I have this application down to 20 seconds to apply on each eye.

What was the last product or tool you bought?
Honestly I can't remember the last product I bought. I get a lot of support from some amazing make-up lines who send me tons of products. And of course I have my own brand on hand all the time in the warehouse. If I can recall, Exuviance Performance Peel was probably the last product I purchased. It's an amazing 2 step minor peel that reveals an incredible glow after several uses. 

Which products can you not leave the house without?
I definitely cannot leave the house without my favourite Concealer and Lip Gloss.

What do you think will be this years biggest beauty trend?
Make-up trends that you will see on the fall runways are lots of metallic and white liners and shadows. I just did a demo of a combination of both on one of my models in my 6 day intensive make-up course I hold in Beverly Hills each month. My make-up school commenced in 2008 and attracts students and aspiring make-up artists from around the world who have a passion for make-up and beauty and would like to get certified by a working with a celebrity make-up artist.

Lastly, whats next for Kimberley Bosso?
I will be taking Bosso make-up line across the globe. I just recently launched it in Hong Kong, so we're making a trip out there soon. Also there are several other domestic businesses that are interested in carrying us, so we're keeping busy with orders and expanding in the US as well.To finish this interview I would just like to say thank you once again to Kimberley. It was an absolute honour and pleasure to find out her top tips and favourite products. I will definitely be checking out her course in Beverly Hills when I am next in Los Angeles - so stay tuned for more info on that in the future! Kimberly definitely proves that you can have it all, by being a full-time mum, a celebrity make-up artist and also an entrepreneur. She is a brilliant role model for young women like myself and I think we should all take some of her go getting attitude and apply it to our daily lives!

To find out more about Kimberley's fabulous beauty line and make-up school, check and also follow her on Instagram and Twitter @BossoMakeup

Lastly, what has been your favourite product so far this summer?

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