Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lip Product Addict TAG | Lippy Loving

Hi guys,
I am back today with a lippy loving tag to share with you all my most favourite pouty products! I firstly saw this tag being done on YouTube, but I thought it was about time to bring it onto the old blogosphere.

For this blog post I have just routed through my large lip product collection to pick out my absolute favourites! I hope you all enjoy...

Favourite balm/treatment?
I am going to cheat with this one, as I have three! My go-to day time lip balms are the Caudalie Conditioner Stick and also the Ultrasun SPF30 Lip Protection. Both of these products are brilliant for adding a quick boost of hydration to my lips. Whilst the Ultrasun is great on hot days to protect my lips from the sun. For my night-time treatment I use the Nuxe Reve de Miel, as it comforts and soothes, whilst the formulation is thick and highly nourishing. (I actually like the Nuxe balm so much that I have already bought a backup). Lastly, I have to quickly mention, that I do not use a balm or treatment everyday, as believe it or not, its really bad for your overall lip condition. Mainly because products create a barrier, which then slows down your bodies natural cell turnover, because your lips are no longer working for themselves.

Best eye-catching red?
I'm personally not a huge red lipstick wearer, as I find they do not suit me as well a bright hot pink. However, when I do venture over to my vamp side, I use the Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Lipstick in 400. I can't lie, this is a very full-on red lip, which I only pair with minimal eye make-up. However, I find it really flatters my skin tone when I have used a little fake tan and it also works well with my blonde hair.

Best luxury and best drugstore?
Without a doubt it has to be the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipsticks. My personal favourite is number 6 Pink in Devotion, as it is super hydrating and packs a punch with intensity - yet it still manages to look soft and pretty. I know you shouldn't judge products on the packaging, but they are the most beautiful bullets on the market. From the gorgeous gold tone to the super-secure closure. If however you are wanting a cheaper alternative, I would recommend the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse, as they both have creamy glide on textures and both brands offer a great shade range. My current favourite drugstore lip product is the L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick by L'Oreal. I first went to hunt these down after I found out Kim Kardashian wore the Nude Ballet shade at her recent wedding to Kanye West. Even though I only own two of these beauties (101 Rose Melody and 201 Rose Symphony), I do intend on buying some more when my local Boots gets them back in-stock. I really enjoy everything from the small pear shaped applicator wands to the glossy formulas! I would highly recommend that everyone checks these out and gives at least one a try, as I promise you will fall in love!

Best MAC lipstick?
My all-time favourite MAC Lipstick has to be the shade Chatterbox (so much so that I have two backups in my collection). I absolutely love it, as for me it is a staple in my make-up bag and a shade I wear regularly (at least three times a week), as I find it super flattering and ultra long-lasting.

The most disappointing?
This is a hard one, but I would probably have to say Illamasqua Immodest Lipstick. I absolutely love the intense neon pink shade, as well as the staying power. But what I don't like is how it is pretty drying on the lips. Admittedly it is a matte shade, however I find it can show up any imperfections - which isn't such a hot look LOL. However despite that, I have been wearing this lippy a lot lately, as I find it a beautiful colour for the summer, I just always make sure I pair it with a lip balm first!

Liner - yes or no?
Ok so I have to admit that I am a big lip liner addict! I think that they can make the world of difference, as they not only make your lips appear fuller, but they can also help keep your lipstick in place all day! I know lip liners can be controversial, as obvious overdrawn lips are never a good look, but a subtle outline is a must and a necessity for me.

Best gloss?
I literally own way too many to mention! However, my favourite formulas are the Chanel Glossimers and also the MAC Dazzleglass Glosses (my favourite shade is Baby Sparks).

Something extra...
Finally, for my something extra I am going to include the Dior Addict Lip Glow. I absolutely love this stuff! I always carry it in my handbag for touch ups, when I either don't want to wear too much make-up, or for when my lips are feeling slightly dry. I will admit that this isn't the cheapest thing ever, but its a lovely little luxury to own!
Please leave a comment below telling me all of your favourite lip products and treatments...
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  1. Love this tag! I always find out about new products to try! I need to get my hands on the Dior Addict Lip Glow! eeeee!!!

    1. Hi Kristina
      Thanks for your message!
      Please let me know if you do this tag on your blog, as I would love to see it.
      And yes you should definitely buy the Dior Addict Lip Glow!!! I absolutely love it and I cannot recommend it highly enough! It is a must-have in my collection and I don't think I will ever be without it.

  2. love this tag!

    from helen at

    ps. there's a little Dahlia trench coat giveaway worth £80 on my blog right now, click here!

    1. Hi Helen
      Thanks for your comment.
      You should definitely do the tag if you like it!
      And your giveaway sounds fab by the way!
      Have a lovely week!