Monday, 20 January 2014

My Chat With Sarah Chapman | Exclusive Interview

In today's post I am going to share with you an interview I conducted with the lovely Sarah Chapman.
If you follow me on twitter (and if you don't, you should) you will know I love Sarah's skincare range. Mainly because the line features luxurious products that not only smell lovely, but they also deliver great results! The beautiful textures combined with the hand-picked powerful ingredients truly leave the skin covered and coated in goodness and this is why I wanted to share Sarah's beauty philosophy, knowledge and insight with you all!

Carry on reading to find out Sarah's favourite beauty tips and also the products she can't live without...

How did you get into the health and beauty industry?
I have always been fascinated with beauty and I was lucky enough to discover this as soon as I left school. One of my first jobs was working as agency staff in the Harrods beauty room whilst I was studying. My beauty education involved aromatherapy, make up artistry, beauty therapy, hairdressing and cosmetic science leading to my work in the skincare business for two very different brands: one was Parisian aromatherapy-based, and the other was a cutting-edge clinical range.

At what age did you know you wanted to focus on skincare?

I have always had a passion for beauty ever since being in trouble for purple streaked hair and too much make-up at school! I grew up in Norway and it was there that I learnt about skincare in order to cope with the harsh weather conditions and as a family we shared big tubs of protective moisturisers. It definitely had a profound influence on my interest in skincare. I trained as a make-up artist and became increasingly more fascinated with the skin as I strove to create the perfect canvas for make-up on stressed, damaged, breakout prone models skin. Once I was into my 20’s I knew skincare was my passion.

When did you open your first clinic?

I started by setting up a lovely space at home and working from there and then as my business grew by word of mouth I was seeing so many more clients that I decided to set up in Draycott Avenue where my clinic is today. This was about 7 years ago.

What is the best part about your job?

I love being able to make a difference for peoples skin, the best call to me was a client who said “I have really sore, uncomfortable, difficult skin and its been like this for years, can you help?” - I did and she is still a client 10 years later but glides through winter with glowing skin and no discomfort. This is hugely rewarding! I also love when I meet people at events now and they squeal with excitement about my Overnight Facial or Facialift Massager!

Who would you say your skincare line is for?

Skinesis is designed for skins over 25, which is when the aging process really begins. Looking after your skin from a young age and getting into a good regime will reap you benefits in the future. It is also never too late to make a difference to your skin and we have concentrated formulations for skins which are showing significant signs of aging and some of our clients are in their 80’s. If it is beautiful results driven skincare using the most premium and technologically advanced ingredients then Skinesis is for you.

If you had to pick your favourite product from your Skinesis range, what would it be?

This is a really hard question, as I love all of my Skinesis products – each one I have developed and nurtured from the initial concept to the final product being approved, tested and bottled. However if I had to choose, then it would be my much loved Overnight Facial. It is by far our bestseller and a favourite with so many of my clients. It captures the product-range philosophy and the essence of my firming and brightening skin rejuvenating facials. It is a cashmere textured serum-oil which on first contact feels like a traditional aromatherapy oil but transforms into a unique silky moisturiser. This was my original idea, to combine powerful cosmeceutical actives in a botanical delicious oil. It contains antioxidants, vitamins, my signature skin-brightening complex, skin firming peptides and essential oils of jasmine, rose, frangipani and tuberose. It has a superior drying time so it transforms into a moisturiser as it disappears into the skin. We also use this to massage in all of our facials.

What is your daily face routine?

On a day to day basis I use my Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse followed by my Eye Recovery, Age-Repair Concentrate and Dynamic Defence Concentrate and at night Overnight Facial. I also take lots of supplements to help retain moisture in my skin and keep it in tip top condition and I eat a healthy diet with lots of sea vegetables and brown rice. I avoid sugar and luckily don’t have a sweet tooth. I also make sure I wear SPF every day and don’t sit in direct sunlight to protect my skin against the damaging rays.

Describe your travel essentials?

On my website I have a brilliant Travel Kit selfishly designed for myself! My Voyager collection contains all my travel essentials. Ultimate Cleanse with a Professional Cleansing Mitt for complete make-up removal and perfectly clean skin. Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible award winners Age-Repair Serum and Dynamic Defence SPF15. Multi award winning Overnight Facial for night time rejuvenation. Intense Hydrating Booster to combat dehydration and help neutralise airborne bacteria for in-flight travel and post sun exposure and Eye Recovery to instantly refresh and disguise tired eyes - I won’t travel without it!

What is your favourite beauty treatment?

My favourite treatment is my Stem Cell Collagen Activator Therapy. I designed it as the ultimate anti-ageing treatment to dramatically lift, smooth, plump and regenerate the skin. Collagen is targeted in three ways to maximise the effect of my Stem Cell Collagen Activator serum which contains super concentrated anti-ageing botanical stem cells and peptides. Advanced micro-needling, Omnilux Revive red light therapy and Stem Cell Collagen Activator are used in combination in this innovative new treatment which has dramatic lifting and line smoothing effects on the skin. The difficult part is getting an appointment with one of my dermal therapists!

Do you recommend massaging your skin at home and if so, why and what are the benefits?

Facial massage is the key to a good skincare routine and is an essential part of my treatment philosophy, as it’s an excellent way to really help stimulate your skin and aid skin function at a cellular level by boosting the vital supply of oxygen and nutrients into skin cells and draining toxins and waste. Cells become sluggish with age and poor health, so facial massage can help improve skin cell function encouraging better cell performance and healthier skin. Facial massage can be incorporated easily into your ‘at home’ routine either by using your own hands and specialist techniques or tools such as my Facialift massager. At home massage recreates the benefits of a professional treatment, to boost the power of your products, drain toxins, relax your muscles and give your skin an extra glow and burst of energy by stimulating blood flow to bring more oxygen into your skin cells.

What advice would you give to ladies worried about premature ageing?

Stay out of the sun and use an SPF.

If one of my readers only has a few minutes to do their whole skincare routine, which steps would you say are a must?

It is fairly simple – Cleanse, Serum & Moisturise. These three steps really do not take any longer than brushing your teeth, so there is no excuse!

What is your favourite beauty tip?

Always protect your skin in the sun. Don’t skimp on cleansing, spend your money on a good cleanser. Choose products with vitamin A to help fight the ageing process. Support skin with omega oils internally and externally. Combine supplementation and clean diet with a good skincare routine for best results. Don’t overuse AHA’s or peeling products and be careful with harsh exfoliators and microdermabrasion.

If you could only use one skincare product for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

This is a tough one! I can’t imagine not cleansing but equally I could not do without moisturising, so technically there is no one product that would make your skin healthy and comfortable. Sorry it would have to be two - my Ultimate Cleanse and also my Dynamic Defence Concentrate SPF15.

Lastly, whats next for Sarah Chapman?
I am constantly working on new formulas for the future. I have so many ideas and the list keeps getting longer. Technical formulations however take a long time to develop and as a perfectionist I never accept them until they are the best they can be, so you may have to wait a little while longer but a new treat will be coming in the spring. I am also developing some of our clinical treatments with the introduction of some new machines and technology.

I just want to say a huge thank you to Sarah and her amazing team! I was so excited to conduct this interview, as it allowed me to share with you her top tips and advice.

I personally love the range so much, so its really hard for me to pick a favourite product! However if I had to, it would probably be
the Overnight Facial, as it leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and rejuvenated. It has become one of my most-loved skincare staples and I am literally never without it. I know Sarah's skincare line is for women mid-twenties and up, but I have been using and enjoy the range for a few years now and I'm not 25 yet - so I personally think if you want to try it and you're a little younger, as long as you pick the right products for your skin-type and concerns, you will be fine.

If you would like to find out more about the Skinesis range or buy a product (or two) then check out Sarah's fabulous website

Lastly girls, what are your favourite products from the Sarah Chapman range?

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  1. I actually just purchased the overnight facial last week, so it was great to read a little more about the brains behind the brand x

    1. Hi Josie
      Thanks for your comment! I'm really pleased you liked the interview.
      All of the Sarah Chapman Skinesis range is amazing, but I have to admit that Overnight Facial is my all-time favourite product from the line. (I have literally repurchased it countless times LOL!)

  2. Great interview! I love the Overnight Facial too :) keep meaning to try more products out from the range.

    1. Thanks for your message Laura!
      You should definitely try more products from the Skinesis range, as they are sooo good!