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My Chat With Peggy Tanous | Exclusive Interview

In today's post I am going to share with you an interview I conducted with Peggy Tanous. Not only has this blonde bombshell starred on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she has also had an extremely successful modelling and acting career.

Carry on reading this article to find out the lowdown on her life, tips and beauty regime...

What is your fondest memory from being on The Real Housewives of Orange County?
My fondest memory was being in front of a camera again after taking over 3 years off to have my girls and also getting to film with my family!

Do you miss being on the show?

I miss having a steady gig and also having them come to my house to film! But now I'm in LA all the time anyway.

Would you ever consider going back?
I would go back for cameos possibly, but I don't think I would go back as a full time housewife.

Have you kept in touch with the other ladies?

I've stayed in touch with Tamra and Gretchen - but not that much, as we are all busy and in different places now career wise.

Did you learn anything from being on reality TV?

Don't believe everything you see and hear! And you can't look at it as reality, but instead as a business.

What have you been up to since RHOC?

I've been extremely busy with my girls, London and Capri. They are both in sports and dance classes and they also have constant play dates. Then I've been busy with new show projects and getting back into my modeling, hosting and acting! And Micah and I are always busy helping various charities.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently selling my fitness DVD Total Body Workout with your Toddler on my website and on Amazon. I am also in production on a new reality series that I created, which I will star in and produce. Lastly, I am filming my own talk show that just got picked up by a network dedicated to health!

You are all about positivity and female empowerment, what words of encouragement can you give to people who are currently in a dark place?

Know that you are not alone and find someone as an outlet to vent to. If you don't feel comfortable talking to a family member or friend, then therapy is a great outlet. I would also suggest that you workout everyday or go outside and take a walk. This really helped me. And of course try the various natural supplements out there on the market or prescription meds.
How old were you when you first started experimenting with make-up?
Geez, I think I loved make-up since I was a young kid, but I probably started really experimenting when I started modeling around 14. I was having make-up artists doing my make-up for shoots and I wanted to learn more.

Who is your beauty icon?

I have a few. Marilyn Monroe has been my idol since I was 5, but I have also always loved a supermodel of the 80's and 90' Christy Turlington. She is very naturally pretty - without a lot of make-up. Currently I love Angelina Jolie, as she is a combination of a tough girl with guns and a classic beauty.

What is your morning and evening beauty routine?

I use the Clarisonic in the morning and evening. But in the AM after using the Clarisonic I put on an eye cream, anti-oxidant serum and a moisturiser with an SPF in it. Then I either put on a tinted moisturiser if it's a mommy day at the park or a liquid foundation if it's an audition, filming or press day!

Which products are currently in your make-up bag?

A great brow pencil and brush all in one by It Cosmetics, my favourite lip glosses by Chanel (especially #166), blotting papers for shine and a Dior bronzer.

If you only had 5 minutes to get ready, what would your routine consist of?

Clarisonic, moisturiser, brows, mascara and gloss. That's pretty much my daily routine and time frame since having two little girls at home!

You are known for your gorgeous long blonde hair, how do you maintain it?

I only wash it twice a week if I can get away with it and I try to always let it air dry. I use a heat protector spray before using a flat or curling iron, so I don't burn my hair and I get it trimmed every 4-6 weeks.

Do you have any beauty tips and tricks you can share?

Use Preparation H for bags under your eyes and also cold cucumbers help after a late night out! For pimples, toothpaste works well - if you don't have anything else. And lastly, ice is great to take down any swelling.

You have been very open about having breast augmentation, so is there any advice you can give to other women considering getting a boob job?

Make sure your doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon and it's always best to go to someone who you have personally seen his or her work. Friend referrals are the best!

Having a healthy lifestyle is a big part of your life, what tips would you give to men and women who want to look and feel better?

Working out everyday will increase your energy and make you feel better - even if it's only a 20 minute walk. Drinking lots of water is great for your digestion and your skin. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins you can take, as it helps protect your immune system from colds and flu and its also a natural anti-inflammatory. Try and eat organic as much as possible and limit your sugar intake.

Which housewives make-up and style do you admire or want to emulate the most?

I think Lisa Vanderpump from RHBH always looks classy and beautiful. She's never too overdone, but doesn't look sloppy either.

Do you feel under pressure to look good living in OC and being photographed by the media?

Yes being in the public eye definitely makes me feel more concerned about looking good, but I try to just be me and not be concerned about what people think. Loving ourselves is the most important thing.

Lastly, whats next for Peggy Tanous?

What's next for me, well quite a few things. My youngest daughter will be starting kindergarten in late July (year round schedule) so I plan on getting more involved with volunteering and keeping both of the girls busy with activities. I also plan on getting a daily or weekly health segment on one of the local news stations. I have also written several shows and I plan on getting those on air. Some I would host and others I will just take a producer role in. Lastly, we have some family vacations coming up and I just want to take each day as it comes and live life to the fullest!

I just want to say a big thank you to Peggy! I absolutely loved conducting the interview with her, as she was so honest and candid. Not only did she share her personal tips, but also some insightful information on helping others.

Be sure to follow Peggy on Twitter @PeggyTanous and also don't forget to check out her website
I hope you guys enjoyed this interview. Let me know who you would like me to interview next?
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